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One of our primary goals is to help revitalize the church in North America by involving its members actively on mission. We firmly believe that Christians who experience Acts 1:8 for themselves by experiencing missions at the “ends of the earth” will come back revitalized and on fire to reach their “Jerusalem” as well.

If you’re interested in partnering as a church, please reach out so we can help your church become involved with mission work in Central America.

  • Send members of your church on Short-term trips.
  • Fund a construction project and go on mission to complete the work.
  • Build long-term relationships with your partnering church in Central America.
  • Experience the Holy Spirit at work with international evangelism.
  • Be humbled and changed forever by the culture of a developing country.


Imagine the impact of an experience like door-to-door evangelism in the homes of Central American communities such as this... the culture is so welcoming and willing to invite you into their homes to hear about a God who brings hope and provision.


For the Glory of God!

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