Who We Are

Who We Are

Mission Statement

To facilitate the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Americas for the glory of God.


To work with indigenous pastors and churches, primarily in Central and South America to aid them as they seek to spread the Gospel in their respective regions.


• To glorify God through all that we do and say

• To spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in every area which God allows us to work, both within the US and abroad

• To see God change lives at home and abroad so that His people are awakened to the magnificence of His glory

Vision for the Future

1-3 Years

The Goal of White Horse Missions is to take up to six trips per year from the US into Central and/or South America to work with indigenous pastors/churches to teach evangelism and discipleship as well as to assist with construction projects where possible.

3-5 Years

During years 3-5, the goal is to take one team each month into Central/South America to continue the works described above. During this time, an additional goal is to establish relations with orphanage(s) and to take various teams (teaching, evangelism, medical and construction) to work with them, as well as to provide financial support to them as needed.

5-10 Years

In these years, and ultimately beyond, the long term goal of White Horse Missions  is to place a missionary on the field full-time who would be working from Central America to oversee the works already begun, to coordinate new works and to solicit cooperation from churches in North America to join White Horse Missions.

Serving for the Glory of God

Methods of Service

Short term mission teams/trips will be the primary vehicle for accomplishing the goals of White Horse Missions (WHM). These teams will work with WHM and under its direction and leadership to facilitate the spread of the Gospel by providing teams that will teach/train and evangelize as well as utilize medical and construction teams as often as possible