Financial Accountability

Putting Your Donations To Good Use

At White Horse Missions we believe your money should go directly to the mission for which they were donated. Of the funds we receive, 98% is sent directly to the mission field. That means only 2% is used for internal costs. This statistic ranks White Horse Missions high among charitable non-profits with the lowest administration costs.

Financial Accountability

The Board will oversee all fundraising efforts and solicitation of funds from the corporate/private sectors. The Board will maintain financial records according to generally accepted accounting standards, and these records will be published annually for review by anyone who may have need to see them.


White Horse Missions will be governed by a President and Board of Directors. From within the Board, officers will be elected according to the needs of the Board. Typically, the offices of Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer will be elected from within the Board by majority vote. Other offices, such as deemed necessary by a majority of the Board, may be elected from time to time as needed.

The President and/or Board members may submit nominations for Board positions to be voted on at the annual Board meeting, or as needed at any time throughout the year.


Board members will normally serve a three-year term, with 1/3 of the Board rotating on/off every year. It will be possible for members to serve in consecutive terms if they so choose and if this arrangement meets the approval of the majority of the Board. If someone demonstrates both a heart for missions and a willingness to serve on the Board, they may be invited to continue their service at the annual Board meeting.

Board members may resign their position at any time by submitting their resignation in writing to the President and/or remainder of the Board. Board members may be asked to resign if they fail to meet the requirements of an active Board member or if by their conduct they put themselves in such a position that their association with the ministry has, or could have, negative connotations for the Kingdom of God or this ministry.