Volunteer Training

  • United States Training: Most of our training in the US has been through personal evangelism seminars so people are empowered to share their faith.
  • Central America Training: Our training is tailored to the needs of the pastor or church we are working with including…
    • How/Why to share your faith
    • Deacon Training – What it takes to be a deacon and why they are needed
    • Sunday School (or Small Group Bible Study) Training
    • How/Why to implement a children’s ministry including
      1. Age Appropriate Bible Study
      2. Choir
      3. After School Program
      4. Children’s Choir
    • Marriage Retreats that focus on strengthening marriage biblically

Training is usually for pastors and church leaders but depending on the pastor, it can include anyone in the church.

Art McCraw, WHM President, does some of the training, but we have several other people that help out when needed. Typically, WHM provides all the materials needed for churches in Central America because they don’t have available resources.